What is Intimacy Direction/Coordination?

Intimacy Coordination for TV and Film, or Intimacy Direction for theatre, is the codified system for choreographing and performing scenes of intimacy on stage and screen. This unique method allows for the creation of specific and repeatable choreography that effectively realizes the director's vision while prioritizing the safety and comfort of all those involved in the production. Implementation of intimacy direction/coordination supports the whole creative team, and can help to build trust and communication within the ensemble which can ease unnecessary discomfort and awkwardness, and assist in prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Jessica is certified with Intimacy Directors International (IDI), the leading organization for training high-quality intimacy professionals for theatre, tv and film. 

Learn More about Certification and IDI

Intimacy Directors International (IDI) is the leading organization for training intimacy directors for stage and intimacy coordinators for the screen. This organization is the only certifying body that houses an intensive training program for the certification of new Intimacy Directors and Intimacy Coordinators. IDI promotes their best practices: The Pillars of Intimacy Direction and Coordination, as the premier model for safe and effective intimacy design. 

Jessica Steinrock is the Managing Director of IDI and has been with the company since it began in 2016. 

Jessica Steinrock (she/her/hers) is a certified Intimacy Coordinator for TV and Film, Intimacy Director for Theatre, and Lead Instructor with Intimacy Directors International (IDI), the leading organization for training safe and effective intimacy professionals. As a co-leader of the organization, she has played an active role in shaping the creative vision and widespread impact of IDI. To learn more about her methods, teaching, and practice, email her at jessica.steinrock@gmail.com.

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